22 Mar

How To Choose the Best Garage Floor Tiles

Garage floor coverings come in two styles – mats and tiles. Both are extremely easy to install and are ideal products for the DIYer. This article will look at the pros and cons of garage floor tiles.

There are three basic types of garage floor tiles – rigid plastic tiles, flexible rubber and plastic tiles and wood composite tiles. Each type can create a great garage floor, but their differences are worth considering.

Garage floor tiles come in sizes from 12 inch by 12 inch to 24 inch by 24 inch. They generally snap together, and are as easy to remove as they are to install.

One great advantage of tiles is that you can create attractive patterns, such as checkerboard, on your floor. Another is that the tiles can be installed over cracked or stained concrete floors.

A major disadvantage of garage floor tiles is cost; prices generally start at about $2.50 per square foot and rise from there. This is more expensive than garage floor epoxy or garage floor paint, but the trade-off is that installation is much quicker and easier.

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Garage Floor Prep Tips For Installing Interlocking Tiles

One of the nice benefits of interlocking tiles is that little preparation of the garage floor is generally required before installation. You can lay them right on top of your oily and concrete dust ridden floor if you like and almost no one would be the wiser. But should you? Sweeping beforehand is a great start, but we want to give you a few recommended tips for prepping your garage floor before you install your garage tiles.

Keep in mind, some of these tips will depend on the current condition of your garage floor as well as the climate of where you live. For many, all that may be needed truly is just sweeping the floor before you begin. Please note that none of these following tips are required to install your interlocking tile, they are just our recommendations based on experience.

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