26 Aug

The Ins & Outs of Freezer Warehouse Contracting

The process of freezer warehouse construction is much more than simply building a facility and then subsequently having a refrigeration unit installed. With the supervision of experienced engineers and those with a specific know-how in the field of construction, the possibility of mistakes being made along the way by a company can ruin the product that’s placed inside.

Being Precise is Key

A key reason for the importance of such attention to detail in the construction process stems from the need to avoid any buildup of ice or frost. This can result from even a tiny flaw in the construction, yet there’s nothing small in the resulting damage.

While many people may only be looking at this segment of the cold storage industry from the perspective of the foods that it keeps viable, other industries also require these services. Chief among them are pharmaceutical and information technology companies.

However, the ever-growing population of both the United States and the world at large means that perishable food items that can be maintained for an extended period of time will help to address this concern. The only alternative is to simply discard such items when they inevitably spoil.

How High is Up?

One of the recent trends has been to increase the size of ceiling heights by anywhere from 60 to 80 percent. This allows for more cubic feet within the warehouse, which in turn helps maximize the available space inside.

The Value of Panels

When it comes to the panels used in the construction process, different options are available. The choice of panels made of polystyrene and polyurethane or pre-fabricated insulated metal may be more geared toward the food side of the equation. Meanwhile, the fiberglass reinforced option is one that serves those in pharmaceuticals well.

Managing Energy Costs

Energy concerns have been and always will be an inherent component that has to be factored into any freezer warehouse construction. Cutting these fixed costs in the most convenient way possible helps keep a business thriving or allows an up-and-coming business to start making inroads in the area of market share.

Flooring Made Easy

There’s also the concrete flooring that needs to be addressed, due to the different types that are available. After all, areas that will remain near or below zero on a regular basis will require something that can avoid cracking from the bone-chilling conditions. One of the more popular options in this case is methyl methacrylate.

Forging a Partnership

Knowing in advance that the needs for businesses all don’t fit into one neat category, a contractor for freezer warehouses will make sure to sit down with a client and help assure them that the needs and goals of that company will neatly merge. Another key connection that has to be met in freezer warehouse construction is the convergence of safety for employees with achieving the utmost efficiency for a business, which boosts the facility’s value.